Mud Therapies for Seniors Along With Their Side Effects

Mud Therapies for Seniors Along With Their Side Effects

Mud therapy today is widely used in the fight against a variety of diseases, including cosmetic problems. To benefit and get rid of the problem, you need to get health insurance for 2020 from and strictly adhere to the recommendations and complete a full course of treatment with mud.

Mud therapy for joints:

Using the mud treatment procedure at the early stages helps to completely get rid of the problem and significantly alleviate the senior patient’s condition. However, it is possible to begin a course of therapy only after a decline in the active process occurs – in about 1-2 months. You need to apply mud on a certain area and grab a healthy area of skin for about 20 cm. The duration of one procedure is about 30 minutes, the full course consists of 16 applications, but in some cases, this number can be adjusted. After 4-6 months, a second course can be prescribed, while taking into account the general condition of the patient. After completing one course, the pains are eliminated, no aggravation occurs – the pain gradually subsides, the joints no longer bother, the desire and the ability to move more appear.Contraindications to the treatment of joints with mud are:

the presence of malignant tumors;

severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

if there are diseases that are in the pathology stage.

Thus, it’s very important to consult with an expert so as to get the right advice.

Psoriasis treatment with mud:

The use of mud for the treatment of psoriasis is widely practiced not only in mud baths but also at home. This disease is very unpleasant and severe. The main symptoms are hot pink spots, which are manifested throughout the body and can grow in size, start to peel off.It is required to impose a mud layer on the affected areas. It is important that the temperature of the mud is not above 42 degrees. The duration of one procedure is about 30-40 minutes, but not more. You need to use mud every day for 10 days, after which a break is taken. If the disease manifests itself in the cold season, the warming up of the affected areas with ultraviolet rays is added to the treatment. In the warm season, it is recommended to swim in salt water, which allows you to significantly speed up the healing process.

Mud for Arthrosis Treatment:

The treatment scheme is similar to the treatment of diseases of the joints. The greatest benefits come from the mud of Saki Lake. Many patients note that their well-being improves significantly after treatment using Saki mud.

Contraindications include:

chronic acute inflammatory processes in the body;

diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

the presence of malignant tumors;

infectious diseases in the acute stage;

blood diseases;